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By Kristine Burnett

When Viking Wadsworth traded an on-campus job washing dishes for a position in the ASU Foundation’s Tell-A-Devil Network call center, he discovered an aptitude for fundraising and a keen eye for the impact of philanthropy.

“I didn’t think I’d be good at it,” said Wadsworth, a junior who began working in the call center in April 2015. “I got the hang of it and started creating my own scripts, adjusting them as I went.”

Wadsworth’s work performance is better than good. He recently set a new record for the call center, securing nearly $200,000 in donations in 2016. The previous year’s top performer raised just under $70,000.

The secret to his success? A genuine desire to make a difference.

“It took a while to realize that I can have an impact just by raising $100 or so a night,” said Wadsworth, who works about 20 hours a week. “But I walk away at the end of the week knowing the money I raised amounts to an entire scholarship for someone.”

The Tell-A-Devil Network employs 120+ students each year, providing:

  • Networking with alumni
  • Employment skills
  • Resume-building opportunities

The numbers aspect of the job also intrigues Wadsworth, whose love of math has him pursing a degree in actuarial science, which uses mathematics and statistics to assess risk in finance, insurance, and other industries.

Proving that his call center job is leaving its mark, Wadsworth recently began thinking about applying his degree toward a career in fundraising.

“I personally benefit from scholarships, so fundraising for education isn’t something I have to feign passion about when I’m talking to people on the phone. It’s a true passion for me.”

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