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estate and gift planning

Exciting things are happening at Arizona State University. Bold new thinking is helping transform ASU into a New American University — one that embraces innovation and global engagement while still encouraging the highest levels of scholarship and excellence. By breaking down traditional lines between disciplines, ASU is seeking new solutions and striving for maximum impact in all its endeavors.

In much the same way, many donors to ASU are rethinking their philanthropic decisions and finding ways to use their charitable gifts to address multiple needs.

Making dollars stretch farther simply makes the best financial sense, especially in today's challenging environment. Carefully choosing the best ways to support students, faculty, colleges and programs at ASU can help ensure that you make smart use of your resources. Take a few moments now to learn how the flexibility of planned giving can help you meet your personal, financial, and charitable goals.

A planned gift to ASU can fulfill many needs at once:

  • Planned gifts often enable donors to give more than they had previously thought possible.
  • Many planned gifts can help you generate income for yourself or others while you provide support to students and programs at ASU.
  • A carefully chosen gift plan can help you minimize your gift, estate, and income tax burden.
  • Many gift plans can be structured to honor a special friend or family member.
  • With the right gift plan, you can rest assured that you are making the smartest use of your resources to support the future of ASU.

It's easy to plan your gift for maximum impact. See the possibilities and discover which option works best for you. A little time spent planning your gift can reap real rewards for you, your loved ones and ASU.

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