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Biodesign Institute

Biodesign Institute

Located on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, the Biodesign Institute is spearheading ASU’s innovative application of use-inspired research to play a critical role in preparing the next generation of innovators.

The institute is focused on preventing and curing disease, overcoming the pain and limitations of injury, renewing and sustaining our environment, and securing a safer world. To accelerate the pace of discovery, the institute merges formerly distinct fields of research including biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, agriculture, environmental science, electronics, materials science, engineering and computing.

While the institute is a working research institute without formal classrooms, it serves a vital function in the education of many ASU students. The institute engages more student researchers than any other ASU entity. This is a reflection of the investment ASU and the community made in new research buildings, which gives the institute space to accommodate more students in its labs. Currently, there are more than 230 students working in various capacities at the institute, including nearly 100 undergraduates, more than 90 graduate students, and more than 40 post-doctoral students.

In cooperation with other ASU departments, the institute helps students become excited about science and develop the skills needed for science careers. Using new approaches, like the graduate training program that rotates students through several disciplines, it prepares individuals to excel in the interdisciplinary science of the future.

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  • Distinguished Lectureship Series 

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