The College of Public Programs welcomes students and faculty dedicated to rigorous education and research in the service of social and economic change through programs that span the fields of social work, public affairs, and community resources and development. The college offers innovative undergraduate, graduate and professional level degree and certificate programs in these fields that exemplify the university's commitment to social embeddedness. Graduates of the college have gone on to become leaders in government, nonprofit organizations and social service agencies across the country.

The college has a special interest and expertise in community capacity-building, urban issues, poverty, governance, and nonprofit leadership and management. It partners with those who are intent on addressing the most critical social issues and are confident that Phoenix and the state of Arizona can be exemplars for the region and the nation.

In August 2006, the College of Public Programs moved to the Downtown Phoenix campus of ASU. Faculty and students already work closely with elected and appointed officials, human and social service agencies, businesses and the many communities of the metro region; at this new location, they benefit from an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and develop closer, more creative collaborations.

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