Ask Eddie Goitia, co-owner of Monti’s La Casa Vieja restaurant in Tempe, what he finds most rewarding about his 12-year membership in the Tempe Diablos and he’ll say, hands down, it’s his involvement with the organization’s scholarship endowment program at Arizona State University.

The Tempe Diablos established the endowment about 20 years ago. Today, it helps 30 new students from Tempe area high schools each year achieve their dreams of higher education at ASU. Each student is awarded $8,000 over four years. For many, it is the only reason they are able to attend college.

“With the cost of education increasing, these scholarship dollars are more important than ever,” says Goitia. “There are so many amazing young people in our scholarship program, and it’s such an honor to watch them grow up in their four years at ASU. By the time they graduate, they are prepared to make their own positive change right here in the Tempe community. Knowing that we had a small part in that is truly rewarding.”

In addition to his connection with the scholarship endowment program, Goitia’s own relationship with ASU is a personal one that started generations ago. Both his parents are ASU alumni. He and his three siblings grew up in Tempe and all graduated from ASU — Goitia earned a business degree in 1985.

“I have two children, and although they’re not college-age yet, we’re really hoping they choose ASU,” says Goitia. “We’ve raised them around maroon and gold, and the university has touched many aspects of their lives…just like it has mine.”

For Goitia, being involved with the Tempe Diablos Scholarship Endowment is a perfect fit that unites his passion for Tempe with his passion for ASU. And it pays big dividends for the young people it serves, as well as the community as a whole.

“One of the greatest things we can invest in is our future,” Goitia says. “Societies will be judged by how well they educate their young people, and the returns on investing in education are phenomenal. The single biggest portion of the Tempe Diablos budget is dedicated to our scholarship endowment, and I hope to see it continue for generations to come.”