At ASU, if you can dream it, you can do it. Every student has the ability to succeed and create positive change; the stories of their success are legion. From academic- and needs-based scholarships to professorships that attract the best teachers in the world, and from program support to endowments that provide a permanent source of funding, philanthropy has been the engine behind some of ASU’s greatest student success stories.

Ashley Smith, President's Club Scholar

After her mother lost her job and her family lost their home, Ashley Smith was left scrambling to find a place to live and a way to support herself. Left alone after her mother went to live with relatives, she began working full-time at restaurants and was forced to drop out of Scottsdale Community College. Ashley is now soaring to new heights at Arizona State University. Read Ashley's story

Jarrod Nelson, Arizona Broadcasters Association (ABA) Scholarship

Jarrod was an out-of-state student taking classes during the day and working a full-time information technology job at night to pay off student loans during his last semester.Now, because of ABA’s assistance and Nelson's perseverance, he is achieving his dream of working in the news associates program at NBC. Read Jarrod's story

Sara Santos, Doran Community Scholar

It is rare when high school students know exactly what they want to be in the professional world. But this was the case for Arizona State University Doran Community Scholar Sara Santos, who decided at 16 years old that she was destined to become a labor delivery nurse. The difficulty for Sara was not determining her goal, but deciding her journey. Read Sara's story

All students qualified to study at a research university should have the opportunity to do so. This simple yet profound principle drives the ASU Foundation to generate new scholarships. Scholarships enable ASU to measure itself not by who we exclude, but who we include and how they succeed. When you support scholarships for ASU students, you help keep that promise. Learn more about scholarships or make a general gift to the university here.