ASU Alumni Association Traditions Fund

ASU Alumni Association Traditions Fund

ASU Alumni Association Traditions Fund

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ASU traditions are shared experiences and points of pride passed down from one Sun Devil generation to the next. Your contribution to the Traditions Fund provides the important resources necessary to keep time-honored ASU traditions alive.

From painting the “A” white during Echo from the Buttes at the start of a new school year and celebrating with Sun Devils of all ages at the annual Homecoming parade, to lighting up Tempe during the Lantern Walk and rallying the football team at the Block Party, Sun Devil traditions help define the cherished memories, unique personality and lively spirit of the maroon and gold nation.

When you give to the Traditions Fund, you ensure that Sun Devils past, present and future enjoy and build on the rich traditions established at ASU since its creation in 1885.

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ASU traditions have withstood the test of time. The ASU Homecoming Parade, Lantern Walk and Echo from the Buttes — when students paint the "A" on "A" Mountain — have been celebrated by ASU students for decades and are embedded into ASU history. The traditions bring past, present and future students together, connecting us all with Sun Devil spirit.

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