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Your gift empowers learners globally by providing access to offline digital libraries, paired with the training for long-term success.

While parts of the world are hyper connected, half of the global population has never connected to the internet, and places still offline also frequently lack libraries. To respond, SolarSPELL at ASU creates and implements offline, portable, solar-powered digital libraries that feature curated, localized content and simple-to-use technology. Using a train-the-trainer model and working with in-field partners like Peace Corps and UNHCR, each library is paired with locally based trainers to support crucial skill-building among users and ensure sustainable impact. Our proven, innovative approach reaches learners everywhere and builds information literacy skills, even in the most challenging of conditions. Because no matter one’s walk of life, whether a student, refugee, health worker, farmer, or parent, access to information and information literacy are fundamental to making empowered decisions and quality of life improvements.

With our home at ASU, SolarSPELL is for learners, from learners. In all aspects of the SolarSPELL initiative, we provide hundreds of ASU students with opportunities to engage globally, behave entrepreneurially, carry out real-world work with purpose and impact, and transform society.

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SolarSPELL has helped me attain multidisciplinary skills such as project management, improved communication, and collaboration. Additionally, it made me more appreciative of my privilege and the resources readily available to me via the internet, and I am honored to be a part of a project that expands the right to information to others around the world.”

- Ashley, ASU Biomedical Engineering Student

I am very grateful for the experience and opportunity to work with SolarSPELL in Vanuatu. I really gained a lot of insight and knowledge into how to implement a project and the efforts SolarSPELL puts in to ensure sustainability. I saw firsthand the impact that SolarSPELL has in Vanuatu and the educational opportunities it brings to improve this wonderful country.

— Alyssa Lehn, ASU DNP Student

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