ASU General Scholarship

ASU General Scholarship

ASU General Scholarship


General support

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When you give to ASU scholarships, you create opportunity. You ensure that bright and capable students can achieve their best life, regardless of family income.

Through ASU scholarships, you provide need-based and merit-based support that is critical to enrolling students with a range of backgrounds, life experiences and abilities. Federal funding for the neediest students has not kept pace with the rising price of college, placing a disproportionate burden of debt on those with the fewest resources. You can rectify that inequality. You can also ensure that the world's best and brightest students come to ASU.

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I want to better myself and help set an example for my family."

- Liliana Valdivia, first-generation alumna, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Creating opportunity

ASU scholarships generate access to higher education and opportunity for students from all backgrounds. By alleviating financial burdens and empowering students to pursue their educational goals, your support has a direct impact on our future workforce.

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