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Project Humanities

Project Humanities

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Recurring gifts can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals by fitting giving into your budget on a steady basis. Even small gifts have great impact, and there’s no better time to extend your commitment. You can opt to give monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Your gift promotes the principles of compassion, empathy, forgiveness, integrity, kindness, respect and self-reflection.

When you invest in Project Humanities, you're facilitating conversations across diverse communities to build understanding through talking, listening and connecting. You're giving students the ability to respond to the perennial question: Are we losing our humanity? Because of donors like you, Project Humanities can make a difference in the lives of others through lectures, panels, workshops, film screenings, symposia, student contests, performances, Hacks for Humanity and homeless outreach.

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Changing lives

ASU Professor Neal A. Lester is engaging diverse communities and taking humanities outside of the classroom and into everyday life through Project Humanities. Talking. Listening. Connecting. These are at the heart of this transformative initiative.

Kenja Hassan, director of DPC Public Affairs

As someone who watched Project Humanities grow from infancy, it’s been a delight to see it blossom into one of our most important and well-regarded means of engaging the community in dialogue about myriad issues. Without Project Humanities, ASU and Arizona would be so much less … well, human."

- Kenja Hassan, director of DPC Public Affairs

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