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Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative

Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative

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The Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative provides support to children whose lives have been devastated by the homicide of a parent/primary caregiver. Thousands of children every year lose a parent to intimate partner homicide. Your support plays an integral role in helping children cope with the traumatic death of a parent/caregiver. When you give to the Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative, you help children heal by providing them opportunities to explore their interests, strengthen their support systems, and meaningfully embed themselves in their community, all of which are instrumental in fostering resilience. When child survivors engage in multifaceted community support, they have greater capacity to experience hope for their future, pursue goals and interests, and find meaning in their lives.

Impact of Donor Support

Community enrichment and the arts flourish. ASU Gammage donors support arts education for more than 30,000 students and teachers and positively impact more than 19,000 underserved children.

At ASUAM, we believe in art’s profound impact as a vehicle for exchanging new ideas, perspectives and experiences. As we seek to achieve our vital mission of becoming a site for meaningful connections across all areas of research to create a better, more sustainable future, we rely on the generosity of our many donors. Every donation to ASUAM directly impacts all aspects of the Museum, from exhibitions to acquisitions, staffing to conservation. Together with the support of our donors, we look forward to our shared work in centering art and artists in the service of social good and community wellbeing.”

Alana Hernandez

Senior Curator, ASU Art Museum

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