ASU Area of Greatest Need

ASU Area of Greatest Need

ASU Area of Greatest Need

General support

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Have you considered becoming a recurring donor? We invite you to consider joining a special group of people that help sustain changemaking work by making regular gifts through ASU.

Recurring gifts can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals by fitting giving into your budget on a steady basis. Even small gifts have great impact, and there’s no better time to extend your commitment. You can opt to give monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Because of you, ASU will be able to meet the most pressing needs of our community.

ASU has long been committed to reaching and serving people at scale. In this time of unprecedented crisis, ASU is committed to leveraging that strength to serve as many people as possible as quickly as possible. When you give to our area of greatest need, you enable us to provide meaningful and rapid support to our fellow community members.

When you support ASU's area of greatest need, you assist students, faculty and staff with urgent life circumstances. You aid children experiencing learning disruptions and those who lack the online infrastructure for distance learning. You support individuals experiencing economic impacts from work closures. You support scientists conducting vaccine research and educators advancing health and well-being.

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Serving our community

Because of you, ASU will be able to rapidly meet the most pressing needs of its community

The culture of a major, research-driven public university in the United States has been inextricably and forever altered to be focused on the success of the student and the success of the community. Every asset of the individuals at ASU, every ounce of energy that they have, is devoted to those two things."

- Michael M. Crow, president, Arizona State University

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