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Texas Instruments - Summer Research Internships (SURI) Program

Texas Instruments - Summer Research Internships (SURI) Program

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The Summer Research Internships (SURI) Program provides undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a masters or PhD with a chance to work alongside engineering faculty and corporate partners on innovative research during a summer program. This eight-week program on the ASU campus allows students to participate in research in all disciplines of engineering. Your generosity helps engineering students gain engineering research experience at a top research university and an in-depth understanding of what it would be like to pursue a PhD degree.

This upcoming summer, I will be participating in Fulton’s Summer Research Internship (SURI). I am so excited to work on a project that will apply my engineering skills to real world solutions that engineers work on every day."

Anna Bethke, student, Electrical Engineering

Impact of Donor Support

In 2022:

  • 62 students from 19 universities across the world
  • 40 students from 10 different universities within the United States
  • 21 students from international universities (India, Colombia)
  • 37 students conducted in-person research
  • 25 students conducted virtual/remote research
  • 12 Underrepresented minority students

SURI provides an opportunity to connect and engage with students at all levels, from mentorship to social activities.

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