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Gifts made to The State Press fund support for students employed by the State Press. The State Press is ASU’s student run award-winning multimedia news organization with a mission to be a bold, risk-taking, digital student media organization intent on ethnically serving, provoking and challenging a large and changing University audience. Support is used to offer stipends and opportunities to students. Your generosity helps support salaries, travel costs and other student opportunities.

Impact of Donor Support

Community enrichment and the arts flourish. ASU Gammage donors support arts education for more than 30,000 students and teachers and positively impact more than 19,000 underserved children.

Donors are everything to the Ceramics Research Center. We would not exist but for the collections of donors who came together to give most of the objects in this museum. We also rely on donor support: our exhibitions are our staffing can’t happen without it. We see ourselves as a catalyst for the community. One of the amazing things is that any donation is this place is multiplied by its effect in the ecosystem of artists."

Garth Johnson

curator of ceramics, ASU Art Museum

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