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When you give to the ASU Prep Digital Fund, you help prepare K–12 students for university success and encourage them to explore college majors and careers. Your gift will impact students in Arizona and beyond. ASU Prep Digital online training platforms are being embraced by communities that have a need for long-distance learning. One of them, King Kamehameha Schools in Hawai’i, has engaged ASU Prep to reach its Indigenous students with innovative, culturally centered digital curricula.

ASU’s innovative online training platforms and technology are some of the best in the world in training teachers and providing students of all ages with interactive, exploratory learning. When you give to the ASU Prep Digital Fund, you provide high school students with a pathway to graduation while expanding the capacity of their schools for online learning needs.

Your gift will support development of the Arizona Online Teaching Corps, comprehensive and holistic teacher and school leader training that empowers educators to deliver course material in a virtual or blended learning environment. Your gifts will also fuel innovation in school districts that have a great need for long-distance learning.

When leaders from Kamehameha Schools were looking for a partner to foster educational systems throughout the Hawai’ian Islands, they turned to ASU. Kamehameha Schools and ASU entered a formal agreement to work together on research and innovation, long-distance learning, student enrollment and more.

Areas of academic priority include education; sustainability; and science, technology, engineering and math fields. One example, Kamehameha Schools and ASU are using the strengths of each institution — ʻāina and innovation — to train Hawai‘i’s teachers to use land-based teaching solutions for sustainability in indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Your gifts will continue to foster educational partnerships near and far.

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