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GCAHR International Research Award

GCAHR International Research Award

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Globalization, social and cultural dislocation and resulting social inequality can adversely affect the well-being of children and families around the world.

Institutions of higher education such as ASU are generating scientific knowledge and evidence-based solutions that can mitigate the root causes of social and health crises. Effective prevention and treatment programs, however, rarely reach the intended communities and local innovators often lack the capacity to adapt interventions to the local environment or sustain them over time.

GCAHR serves as a bridge between ASU and universities and communities in other countries to increase their capacity to apply science-based solutions to pressing health and social problems.

Your generosity to this endowment will support qualified candidates in the GCAHR International Research Fellowship program. Fellows will receive mentorship and training from experienced ASU research faculty to strengthen their capacity to apply science-based interventions to solve health and social problems in their own countries. While in residence, the international guests enrich the ASU community through lectures, participation in ongoing studies and by developing long-lasting research collaborations.

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