ASU Biodesign Institute Area of Greatest Need

ASU Biodesign Institute Area of Greatest Need

ASU Biodesign Institute Area of Greatest Need


Biodesign Institute

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We face many challenges when it comes to global health, sustainability and security. Whether it’s the next pandemic, chronic disease or managing the fallout from natural disasters or human conflict, we need to prepare for the future. Your gifts enable scientists to anticipate challenges and design solutions.

Scientists in the ASU Biodesign Institute take a special approach to problem-solving: They collaborate with colleagues from diverse disciplines across the university. This interdisciplinary collaboration has led to breakthroughs in treating diseases like cancer and autism. For example, Professor Hao Yan, whose team relies on chemistry, biology, physics and materials science, helped develop nanobots that fight cancerous tumors by cutting off their blood supply. Other Biodesign researchers are discovering ways to detect and treat cancers early — before they progress. When you give to the ASU Biodesign Area of Greatest Need, you enable scientists to conduct health care and sustainability research that helps our communities.

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We are committed to catching disease before it catches us and are finding creative and clean solutions for energy, air and water. We are inventing diagnostics and treatments, and we are growing the next generation of researchers who believe they can do the impossible.

— Joshua LaBaer, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Biodesign Institute

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