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ASU Local Scholarship Account

ASU Local Scholarship Account

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Your generosity to the ASU Local Scholarship Fund provides students from diverse backgrounds the academic guidance, mentoring and peer support they need to be successful. These high-performing learners seek a better route to a bachelor's degree and access to the many benefits a postsecondary education provides.

Thousands of students in California who are college-ready are not admitted to state colleges and universities because of capacity constraints. Arizona State University is uniquely positioned to fill this gap with a high-quality and affordable bachelor's degree program. This new collegiate offering provides students from underserved backgrounds personalized success coaching as well as workshops and experiences that help them thrive and persist to graduation. Students build lifelong friendships and professional connections that foster a sense of community and belonging that otherwise may not be accessible.

To support their college journey, most of our students work part- or full-time. Nearly two-thirds receive federal financial assistance based on financial need; however, a funding gap remains for many. Your investment will help provide laptops, textbooks, transportation and other items that are key to success in college. For example, a gift of $200 can help fund a textbook scholarship, a gift of $500 pays for a laptop and a gift of $5,000 can help fund a scholarship. Your generosity will empower our students to be successful in college and their future careers.

The best thing about being a part of ASU Local is not only being supported in your success as a student, but being supported in your success in your professional and personal pursuits as well. ASU Local provides a platform for students to show up authentically while giving them a space to be seen and heard."

Gigi, ASU Local student

Impact of Donor Support

Your generous support helps ASU Local to continue to reach students in underserved communities and help them thrive in their life in college and beyond.

Many of these students have gone home where they are successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists, impact investors and senior government officials. The come home with a powerful American business education taught in a culturally sensitive environment, and respectful of the nuances of our cultural differences."

Marshall Parke

'77 master’s in international management, whose established the SHARE fellowship program providing scholarship and mentorship support to students from emerging markets around the world

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