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McCain Institute - Human Rights Defenders

McCain Institute - Human Rights Defenders

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February 24, 2024, marks the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Join us in support of human rights defenders in Ukraine and other frontline democracies who fight every day for freedom around the world.

The McCain Institute at Arizona State University is deeply committed to upholding freedom, democracy, and universal human rights. Reflecting this commitment, we have launched a program to provide transitional assistance to human rights defenders who have been forced to flee their homes or to work underground due to harassment, intimidation, or violent threats. We provide them the opportunity to remain in the arena to defend human rights for the long term. The assistance has a tangible impact on lives and advances the causes of liberty and justice. Each case is unique. As a result, the Human Rights Defenders program is extremely flexible in the kind of support offered, tailoring it to best meet the needs of the recipient.

Join us today. Your gift can help save lives.

Impact of Donor Support

With your generosity, you:

  • Empower human rights defenders who fight for human rights and freedoms in their countries.
  • Enable the protection of human rights defenders who flee their countries due to unjust persecution.
  • Support the safety, training, and development of human rights defenders throughout the time they cannot return to their home countries.
  • Your support is crucial to helping the McCain Institute raise awareness of human rights worldwide to ensure the continuation of human rights defenders' work.

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