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President's Club

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Have you considered becoming a recurring donor? We invite you to consider joining a special group of people that help sustain changemaking work by making regular gifts through ASU.

Recurring gifts can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals by fitting giving into your budget on a steady basis. Even small gifts have great impact, and there’s no better time to extend your commitment. You can opt to give monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Your gift in support of the President's Club allows university leadership to rapidly advance initiatives, partnerships and research to transform public higher education.

President's Club supporters are fearless innovators who believe in good, accelerate change, and empower solutions through their support of ASU's president.

Through your support of the President's Club, you ensure the success of Arizona State University. Traditional resources available within a state university system do not allow it to operate with the flexibility and dexterity today's competitive economy requires. President's Club supporters look beyond tradition to entrepreneurship and innovation, leveraging philanthropic investments to advance ASU's charter.

Your gift funds vital emerging initiatives, strategic alliances, and innovative programs throughout ASU's knowledge enterprise. This year, areas of special emphasis include:

  1. Serving our veterans
  2. Serving the underserved through humanitarian efforts.
  3. ASU as a university with global impact.

President's Club supporters who give over and above $2,500 magnify their impact.

Contact Lindsy Manning at or 480-965-3900 for more information.

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The President’s Club has always held a special role at the university. The men and women of the President’s Club embrace ASU’s mission and energize the university to excel and surpass what has been accomplished so far.”

— Michael M. Crow, President, ASU

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