Shangraw Innovation Fund

Shangraw Innovation Fund

Shangraw Innovation Fund

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You can inspire a student or educator to imagine a better world and empower them to bring their dreams to life. When you give to the Shangraw Innovation Fund, you equip ASU innovators with the resources they need to pursue new ideas, create solutions and bring positive change to their communities.

Arizona State University is relentless in its efforts to cultivate a spirit of innovation. The university invites everyone — every student, faculty and staff member and community partner — to imagine a better world and then figure out how to make that dream a reality.

This can-do spirit has prompted U.S. News & World Report to name ASU the most innovative university in the country, ahead of MIT and Stanford, for five years in a row.

Your generosity ensures that ASU can continue to provide students, faculty and staff the resources they need to pursue innovation: to conceive ideas, collaborate with like-minded colleagues, prototype models and scale solutions.

The Shangraw Innovation Fund will enable the leadership of ASU Enterprise Partners to fund promising projects across the university and equip them to carry out this mission. Named in honor of R. F. ?Rick? Shangraw Jr., who, as founding CEO of ASU Enterprise Partners, created new and successful ways to generate financial support to ASU people and programs, the fund will support innovation in a number of ways. It could be innovation in entrepreneurship, the arts, sustainability, socially embeddedness? or wherever someone has the creative spark of an idea.

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