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Staff Helping Staff

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Staff Council is and always will be a place to provide support for staff. One of the ways that we support staff is through our Staff Helping Staff fund. Originating with a need that a previous Staff Council member identified, this initiative offers funds that staff can apply for if they encounter a financial hardship that they are not equipped to deal with. The act of giving isn't just about the monetary value; it's about showing someone they are not alone in their struggles. It can boost their morale, provide emotional support and strengthen the bonds within our staff community. Your generosity reminds staff in need on all campuses that they're not alone.

The success of our university and the futures of our students rest squarely upon the shoulders of our staff members here at ASU. Working tirelessly to ensure metrics are met and people are seen and heard is a demanding proposition for most, but ASU’s staff members meet that challenge head on. The Staff helping Staff fund started by a former staff member, extends financial gifts to assist staff members at times struggling to make ends meet during crisis situations. Your generous gift, through this fund will ensure a staff member is given the help they need when they need it most."

Shawn Banzhaf, Staff Council President

Impact of Donor Support

• Staff Council has assisted 19 families in the last 18 months, resulting in 19 families feeling seen and supported by their colleagues.

• Surprise unpredicted medical bills are challenging to deal with. Relief for staff with unpredicted medical expenses was provided four times this academic year.

• Transportation is essential to running a family and getting to work. Unforeseen car expenses that you are not anticipating are a big challenge. Staff were assisted with these expenses multiple times this year.

"I donate to Staff Helping Staff to because staff are my second family. Helping a member of our family with an unexpected need is what we are all called to do, when we can."

Patty Odle, Staff Council Past President

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