Women and Philanthropy

Women and Philanthropy

Women and Philanthropy

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Have you considered becoming a recurring donor? We invite you to consider joining a special group of people that help sustain changemaking work by making regular gifts through ASU.

Recurring gifts can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals by fitting giving into your budget on a steady basis. Even small gifts have great impact, and there’s no better time to extend your commitment. You can opt to give monthly, quarterly or yearly.

ASU Women and Philanthropy inspires and empowers accomplished women to become visionary investors through a collective, significant force supporting Arizona State University

ASU Women and Philanthropy members pool their resources, passion and philanthropic insight to fund research and scholarship across the ASU knowledge enterprise. By providing opportunities for engagement, ASU Women and Philanthropy helps members discover their passions and interests, and connect with other women who are committed to the success of ASU. Together, they use their philanthropic knowledge and leadership to ensure ASU's success as a New American University.

Through their generosity, ASU Women and Philanthropy members have provided more than $4 million to 89 programs and initiatives. Their gifts have supported innovation in the arts; sustainability; health and medicine; education; and science, technology, engineering and math education.

ASU Women and Philanthropy members who give over and above $1,000 increase the grant pool, magnifying their impact on behalf of ASU faculty, staff and students.

Contact Lindsy Manning at lindsy.manning@asu.edu and 480-965-3900 for more information.

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Sybil Francis

As a founding member of ASU Women and Philanthropy, I have experienced the power of women who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. My husband, Michael Crow, the president of ASU, is a firm believer that women make a great impact on higher education at ASU."

- Sybil Francis, Co-Chair

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