Barrett, The Honors College

Mark Jacobs Scholarship Endowment

Mark Jacobs Scholarship Endowment

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Mark Jacobs served as dean of Barrett, The Honors College for almost 20 years. Under his leadership, Barrett Honors College became one of the best in the nation, proudly graduating 1,200 ambitious and prepared students every year, and helped shape higher education in our state and country.

This scholarship will honor his impact by supporting outstanding undergraduate students at Barrett, The Honors College.

Impact of Donor Support

  • More learners can pursue higher education. In 2022, 22,000 donors contributed $66.3 million for scholarships.
  • More students succeed. ASU ranks #1 among the state‚Äôs public universities for its 86% first-year retention rate thanks in part to donor-funded student success initiatives.
  • And donors helped ASU offer more than 4,500 hours of free tutoring.

Every student is unique, and we can help each one realize their strengths and better understand how to find success and happiness."

ASU donor Tom Lewis

who, with his wife, Jan, created T.W. Lewis Center for Personal Development at Barrett, The Honors College

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