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Water and Environmental Technology Center

Water and Environmental Technology Center

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The WET Center's work addresses the following areas supporting research, student scholarships and faculty work in:

  • Molecular tracking of microorganisms in the environment.
  • Taste and odor.
  • Biofilm formation and pathogen intrusion in distribution systems.
  • Disinfection by product formation and control.
  • Modeling and removal of contaminants in the environment.
  • Fate and treatment of fuel-related chemicals.
  • Fate and treatment of nitrogen (e.g., nitrate) in water.
  • Bioaugmentation.
  • Natural attenuation.
  • Hydrogeologic modeling.
  • Characterization of Natural Organic Matters.
  • Groundwater recharge (surface application and aquifer storage and recovery)
  • Environmental public health and air quality.

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