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Interplanetary Initiative

Interplanetary Initiative


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ASU?s Interplanetary Initiative is a leading space center where private-public partnerships drive the future of space exploration. The initiative identifies key needs in space exploration and fills those needs by creating interdisciplinary teams. Your support will enable students, faculty and staff to build the future of humans in space and create a bolder, better society.

Your support will transform how the initiative educates the next generation and how it fundamentally conducts research. Join the initiative in an essential challenge for humanity: our space future.

Interplanetary Projects research and development

The Interplanetary Initiative currently funds more than 10 projects that solve space future challenges. The projects include interdisciplinary teams whose expertise span technology, education and the big questions of space exploration.

Interplanetary Initiative Lab

The Interplanetary Initiative Lab is designed to forge long-term collaborations among external partners, ASU faculty and students. The space includes a hardware factory for the creation of space-related hardware and software, an ideation studio and classrooms for ?exploration learning,? and workshops for prototyping and testing.

Technological Leadership Scholarship

The Interplanetary Initiative launched a three-year BS degree program in technological leadership, in which students learn complex problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership through an interdisciplinary blend of classroom learning and research. Creative, hands-on problem solving, team-based collaboration, critical thinking, intensive summer internships and fundamental skills in writing, math and coding prepare graduates to succeed in a wide range of endeavors ? in the technology or finance industries, think tanks and consulting firms or in earning an advanced degree. This three-year program provides a direct path into the workforce and an empowered career.

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