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Psych for Life®

Psych for Life®

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How do I encourage my child’s natural curiosity? How can my wife and I communicate our needs more effectively? How can I improve my sleep and develop healthier life habits? How can I better manage the stress of my job?

Psychological science offers much to help people address everyday challenges and opportunities—in relationships, parenting, wellbeing, career, and community.

Unfortunately, too many of the evidence-based solutions remain buried in hard-to-access, jargon-filled journal articles. And although the Internet provides much advice—an uncurated fire-hose of so-called “solutions”—most are unreliable, untrustworthy, and user-unfriendly.

Enter Psych for Life®!

Within the Department of Psychology, we are developing on-demand, bite-sized, just-in-time learning experiences that help people overcome everyday challenges and enhance well-being. These trustworthy online content modules and implementation tools—video, audio, and written—help people build effectively solve problems, overcome challenges, and bolster strengths and skills for thriving.

Your gift to the Psych for Life® fund supports the creation of these empowering tools. It supports the creative, energetic student researchers, writers, video editors, and software developers on the Psych for Life® team. And it supports the distribution of the Psych for Life® web app to those seeking real solutions to life’s everyday challenges.

Psych for Life is a promise that we are here for our students for life, long after graduation."

Steve Neuberg, Foundation Professor and Director of Psych for Life®

Impact of Donor Support

  • Expanded access to trustworthy knowledge: Psych for Life® brings evidence-based solutions from the libraries to people’s heads, hands, and hearts.
  • Improved lives: People can effectively address everyday challenges before they become significant problems requiring expensive, time-intensive intervention—thereby strengthening personal well-being, children’s outcomes, friendships and marriages, careers, and communities.
  • Students learn to create change: Students across disciplines learn how to translate scientific discovery into community impact—through research, writing, video production, software development, marketing, business development, and public communication.

Easy access to scientifically grounded, helpful content is exactly what we need as individuals and as a society—and that’s exactly what Psych for Life® offers.”

ASU donor

Bobette Gorden

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