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School of International Letters and Cultures

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Choosing to support the School of International Letters and Cultures through a general fund such as this allows your donation to make a difference where it is most needed.

All sectors of the economy have connections to other parts of the world: that means that every business needs people who speak other languages. In response, our vision is to expand our programs to include languages and cultures beyond those that have traditionally been taught in the US, to include more exposure to the parts of the world with rapidly growing economies and increasing prominence as trading partners. Your investment will help students become internationally aware and globally informed citizens of today's increasingly complex world.

Impact of Donor Support

The School of International Letters and Cultures fund supports a huge variety of student-directed initiatives, from monetary prizes for students to internships, and community-directed initiatives such as outreach to community cultural organizations.

I love the school of international Letters and Cultures because it brings so much diversity and awareness of different cultures — you can walk into Durham Hall and hear all sorts of different languages spoken! It really opens up your worldview and it has changed my perspective on so many things.

Celeste B.

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