Center for Correctional Solutions

Center for Correctional Solutions Scholarship

Center for Correctional Solutions Scholarship

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Your generosity helps provide scholarship support to students who have been impacted by the system. The Center for Correctional Solutions scholarship supports the Center’s mission to enhance the lives of people who live and work in our correctional system. Funds in support for this scholarship were primarily obtained through the Center’s Inkarcerated art show, where incarcerated artists donate their time and talent to produce artwork that is purchased by members of the community. Their efforts can now aid in the growth and learning of others. The establishment of this scholarship represents the Center’s commitment to promote student success through transformative learning experiences. Preference shall be given to applicants who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, working in corrections, or previously worked in corrections, and their family members.

Our family believes in giving back and sharing the blessings we have received financially and through our time."

Dave Derminio

'74 BS in business, former ASU golfer who supports student-athletes through the Derminio Family Sun Devil Golf Scholarship

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