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Jeffrey Dozbaba Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Jeffrey Dozbaba Memorial Scholarship Endowment

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The Jeffrey Dozbaba Memorial Scholarship Endowment was created to honor the memory of Jeffrey Dozbaba, a beloved husband and father, and a man who dedicated his career to newspapers. Despite his love of newspapers, Dozbaba always kept his family at the center of his life.

This scholarship supports students who Dozbaba's passion and his commitment to excellence and innovation.

This scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my dreams at ASU and not let financial burdens stop me from achieving them. It will allow me to take classes that I am passionate about, get involved with organizations and shoot for internships in Arizona and beyond. This scholarship will allow me to build the skills and experiences at ASU that will carry me far into the future."

Morgan Fischer, 2022 recipient of the Jeffrey Dozbaba Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Impact of Donor Support

  • The Cronkite School’s “teaching hospital” model of education offers students real-world, hands-on training in a live environment.
  • More than 125 students benefited from donor-funded scholarship support during the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Cronkite students have access to 13 full-immersion professional programs that produce news, information and community engagement on critical issues for the state, region and nation.
  • In the 2021-2022 academic year, more than 400 students were placed into internships.
  • 92% of Cronkite alumni are employed full time.

Our family believes in giving back and sharing the blessings we have received financially and through our time."

Dave Derminio

’74 BS in business, former ASU golfer who supports student-athletes through the Derminio Family Sun Devil Golf Scholarship

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