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Pitchfork Pantry

Pitchfork Pantry

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Pitchfork Pantry is a student-led food pantry that provides fresh produce, rescued groceries and toiletries to anyone in the Arizona State University community for free. We offer tools for developing better life skills, accessing emergency resources and SNAP assistance.

Our mission statement:

To connect all students at Arizona State University to resources for achieving a sustainable, adequate and nutritious diet by teaching life skills and providing resources to alleviate the stress of food insecurity. Through a sustainable model and nutrition education, we aim to:

  1. Eliminate food poverty.
  2. Reduce food waste.
  3. Destigmatize food insecurity.

Your generous contribution to Pitchfork Pantry helps provide students with meals and food items to make sure they're not facing hunger or food insecurity while trying to obtain a degree. Thanks to donors like you, we can purchase a variety of food items to stock the Pitchfork Pantry and offer nutritious meals to students.

Impact of Donor Support

  • The pantry provides fresh and non-perishable food items, clothing and hygiene products to ASU students at no cost.

  • Public and private donations heavily fuel our distributions. With the support of our Sun Devil community students have access to the nutritional resources necessary to fuel their academic endeavors.

  • Over 6,000 students have gained access to stable food sources through the work of Pitchfork Pantry.

Personally, Pitchfork Pantry has allowed me to improve the quality of meals I have. The basic food group items given have helped me in some occasions where my budget is really tight by allowing me to allocate money to items that cost more money to get.

~Participant 13

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