Student Crisis Fund

Student Crisis Fund

Student Crisis Fund


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Your generosity provides emergency financial support to students facing unforeseen hardship.

Food and housing insecurity. Unanticipated medical expenses. Family emergencies. Fires. Broken-down cars. Rising rent. Theft. Sudden financial stress makes everything else harder.

Consider Jessica, who was consumed by stress while staying in a homeless shelter after losing her apartment. Or Gary, who has a physical condition that requires frequent medical visits and often had to choose between visiting doctors and paying tuition. Tara, who balances school with three jobs and also takes care of her disabled father, was unable to work for several months after succumbing to emergency surgery.

Desperate for relief, Jessica, Gary and Tara turned to the Student Crisis Fund. For many ASU students who have exhausted all other financial options, it's the difference between dropping out and staying in school.

Support the Student Crisis Fund today, and provide immediate financial assistance to students who are unable to meet essential expenses in times of crisis. Your gift helps them graduate.

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Creating opportunity

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t got that money. If I’m quite honest, I would’ve dropped out of school.”

First-generation student LeeAndra Matthews has big dreams, but they were nearly derailed because of dire financial concerns. Thanks to support from the Student Crisis Fund, she was able to remain at ASU and keep working toward her degree. Your generosity means everything to students like LeeAndra.

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