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Metabolic Disease and Nutrition General Fund

Metabolic Disease and Nutrition General Fund

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Gifts to the Metabolic Research and Nutrition General Fund support the Maternal and Child Health Precision Nutrition and Microbiome Sciences Lab, which provides critical support for research initiatives aimed at advancing the understanding of maternal and child health, precision nutrition and microbiome sciences. Your contribution directly fuels groundbreaking research, innovative projects and the education of future leaders in the field. By supporting this fund, you play a vital role in improving the health and well-being of mothers and children around the world.

Impact of Donor Support

One inspiring success story that highlights the impact of your support involves our research on infant nutrition and its effects on long-term health. Thanks to generous contributions, we have had the privilege of engaging with over 250 mothers and their infants and toddlers. This work has revealed key gut microbial patterns that influence a child’s risk for developing obesity. These findings are helping our team of devoted scientists and students to develop targeted dietary interventions that optimize health trajectories for women and their children. This work will ultimately inform clinical guidelines and has garnered national recognition for our lab’s contributions to advancing maternal and child health.

We believe ASU Biodesign is producing some of the most innovative cancer research in the country."

ASU donor Sandra LaCava

whose Dorothy Foundation has channeled more than $100,000 to support the institute’s cancer research

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