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Your gifts support Psych4All, which creates and implements initiatives to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the ASU Department of Psychology, its curriculum and in the field of psychology.

With your support, the department can fund initiatives that provide a safe and supportive environment for addressing issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. This may include advocacy and mediation of acute issues, and the development of programs to increase awareness and appreciation of diversity issues.

Your gifts also support the creation of initiatives to increase the diversity of the department, curriculum and field. This may include identifying barriers that disproportionately affect minority groups, developing initiatives to promote diverse representation across levels in the community, promoting diversity in guest speakers, and advancing researchers represented in our curriculum.

Psych4All initiatives also advance practices that protect and promote diversity via departmental procedures, including those governing hiring, admissions, programmatic milestones, retention, promotion, recognition, evaluation and access to financial resources.

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Federico Sanabria

The mission of Psych for All is to materialize the Department’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as specific initiatives, activities, programs, and policy recommendations."

- Federico Sanabria, faculty member in charge of our DEIB efforts

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