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Psych4All Fund

Psych4All Fund

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Your support enables the department to fund initiatives that cultivate a safe, inclusive environment, addressing matters of equity, inclusion and a sense of belonging. This includes advocating for and mediating acute issues, as well as developing programs to raise awareness and foster appreciation of various perspectives.

Gifts also help create initiatives to enhance the representation in the department, curriculum and the field of psychological, brain and behavioral science. This involves identifying and addressing barriers that disproportionately affect underrepresented groups. It also includes developing initiatives to promote broad representation at all levels, advocating for diversity of guest speakers and advancing researchers represented in our curriculum.

Excellences, Access, and Inclusion: Psych4All initiatives also advance practices that protect and promote various perspectives through departmental procedures, including those governing hiring, admissions, programmatic milestones, retention, promotion, recognition, evaluation and access to financial resources.

To date, your contributions have supported the recruitment of doctoral students who have significantly contributed to the excellence and collective culture of our department. Additionally, funds have supported a department initiative to help Title 1 school students envision an educational future at ASU. Your support has also aided in Amplified Voices, to host scholars to enhance our studies and bring critical parts of identity, both visible and invisible, to the discussion. Each initiative has helped us grow and be more reflective of the communities we serve.

EAI:Psych4All provides a steadfast avenue to reflect and grow so that we can better serve all in our community. Our success is made possible by many community members we have who are committed to a lifelong pursuit of learning. We carry forward ASU charter initiatives by consistently looking for ways to bolster inclusivity.”

Rebecca K. Blais, Director of Excellences, Access, and Inclusion: Psych4All and Associate Professor

Impact of Donor Support

  • Provided over $6,000 in scholarships to recruit diverse scholars to our doctoral program.
  • Developed community support activities to help students, faculty, and staff navigate challenging times.
  • Assisted with proposals that build inclusivity into our scholarship.
  • Worked with community agencies to engage our scholars in volunteer activities.
  • Your gifts also support the creation of initiatives that increase the reach of our department, curriculum and field. This may include identifying barriers that disproportionately affect minority groups, promoting diverse representation across levels in the community, supporting diversity in guest speakers and advancing researchers represented in our curriculum.

Your donation to the EAI:Psych4All initiative not only provides essential support for under-resourced students but also cultivates a nurturing environment where their potential, knowledge and passion can flourish. It's about more than just financial assistance; it's about fostering a community and mentorship network crucial for their success. Your donation doesn't just support diversity efforts; it also creates equitable spaces for students to thrive, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.”

Melissa Uribe

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

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