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Why give to ASU

Why does a public university need private support? +

How can I make a difference by giving to ASU +

Will gifts made to the university be immediately available +

How do you measure the success of a gift +

How can small gifts make a difference in such a big university +

Why would I give to ASU if I didn’t go to school there +

How is the ASU Foundation related to Arizona State University +

Giving site usage

Is it possible to make a joint gift with my spouse or recognized domestic partner +

How do I set up monthly or recurring credit card donations +

How do I make a one-time gift to ASU using my credit card +

Can I give anonymously +

Can I specify my gift in honor or in memory of someone +

Does the ASU Foundation accept matching gifts from my company +

If I make a gift, how can I be sure my financial information is safe +

How can I change or edit a recurring payment +

Can I change my donation date for a recurring gift +

What forms of payment are accepted +

How do I access my donation history +

What is a gift allocation code +

If I have a gift code from my grad pack, how do I use it +

Where can I find my tax receipt +

How do I change my password +

How do I update my password if I’ve forgotten it +

I already have a login with ASU Foundation. Why isn't it working +

Other types of gifts

Can I submit my gift by mail +

I am an ASU faculty member, administrator or staff person. May I use payroll deduction to make a gift to ASU +

I represent a foundation or corporation. Whom should I contact about making a gift +

What is an endowment +

ASU Foundation information

Can you share information about the ASU Foundation’s tax exempt status +

How do I contact someone at the foundation +

When do I need to make a gift by in order to receive a gift receipt for this year +

How do I update my personal information with ASU +

How can I be taken off the email list +

How do I find more information about working for ASU or the ASU Foundation +

What is the ASU Foundation TAX ID or EIN number? +