Educational Futures for Afghan Refugees

Educational Futures for Afghan Refugees

Educational Futures for Afghan Refugees

University President

Hundreds of Afghan refugees fleeing the violence and political upheaval in Afghanistan have arrived in Arizona and need assistance. Because many of these individuals have limited financial resources, you can help them pursue educational pathways at ASU by giving to ASU’s Educational Futures for Afghan Refugees Fund.

As part of Arizona’s commitment to helping Afghan nationals, Arizona State University will provide them pathways into the ASU community as K–12 and higher education students, faculty or staff. Many of the refugees are women and girls. Some are Afghan pilots who worked alongside the U.S. military. Some are scholars and teachers. Some are ASU alumni. Some are families with young children. All need your help and support.

Your gifts will help at their point of need: with tuition and education support, technology support, room and board, English language courses and more. Faculty assistance will be provided as well for those who will teach at ASU. Give today and you will help refugees when they need it most.

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Michael Crow

I welcome our new Afghan students and colleagues to Arizona State University. I hope their presence here strengthens our resolve to be a university measured by those whom it includes, and not those whom it excludes. If you can help them succeed, you will truly be contributing not only to their health and well-being, but also that of our larger community.”

— Michael M. Crow, President, ASU

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