An endowment is one of the most powerful ways you can support ASU. Annual income generated by an endowment provides a continuous, reliable resource stream for the future. Endowed funds give ASU administrators the ability to make and pursue long-range, strategic plans in the areas of:


  • Faculty chairs, professorships and research fellowships.
  • Scholarships and graduate fellowships.
  • Research programs, centers and institutes.
  • Colleges, schools and academic departments.

Because these gifts guarantee enduring support, an endowment opportunity may allow you, as donor, to name the faculty position, scholarship or program you create for yourself or in honor of a special person.

how your endowment works

  • An endowment is a gift of assets that is strategically converted by the ASU Foundation Endowment Fund into long-term investments to provide sustainable, long-term financial support.
  • Each year a portion of the market value from your endowment is transferred into a spending account, making it available to the university beneficiary you designate.
  • Only the earned returns on your endowment are spent; the principal remains intact, yielding benefits to the university in perpetuity.
  • Endowment donors receive personalized reports on their investments each year, describing the financial performance of their gift, how their endowment enhances the foundation’s investments and how their gift continues to make a difference at ASU.

ASU Foundation Endowment Fund donors are able to watch their gifts inspire and encourage, creating excellence today with the assurance that their investments will fortify the university and its posterity, touching countless lives for generations to come.

You can create an endowed fund at ASU through the gift of an asset that is invested and managed by the ASU Foundation.

To learn more about making an endowment to ASU, contact the foundation at 480-965-3759. Your inquiry is confidential and infers no obligation to complete a gift.

The information in this document is intended to help you consider and plan a high-impact gift to ASU. It is based on current standards, practices and laws, which could change over time. We urge you to consult your financial or other trusted adviser before entering into any major charitable commitment.

endowment management

The ASU Foundation for A New American University invests and manages your endowment principal with a goal to provide sufficient support each year, despite inflation and market fluctuations, to the endowment's designated purpose and that it is able to sustain this level of support indefinitely.

As an endowment donor, you receive an annual report on your endowment's performance, including its market value, distribution to its spending account and the impact of your investment. The net return on your endowment principle is the total of interest, dividends, realized and unrealized gains (or losses) less the related institutional expenses for the fiscal year.

Our spending and institutional expense policies are determined by the Investment Committee of our board of directors, which reviews the performance of the invested portfolio and our investment managers at least quarterly. Should the market value of your endowment fall below original value of the endowment gift, the foundation will continue providing payout to the ASU beneficiary unless prohibited by the donor.

Our institutional expenses include the costs of managing the ASU Foundation endowment, including administrative, legal, fundraising, financial and reporting obligations.