Supporters of the ASU Foundation for A New American University believe in a public university that immerses itself in the community that surrounds it. Those who benefit from the generosity of ASU's valued investors are forever changed and have immeasurable impact on the world. Across ASU, the community and even the world, donor support of ASU comes in all forms and for different reasons.

Ted Humphrey

serving students, building legacies through the Maroon and Gold scholarship program

New scholarship endowment for faculty, staff, emeritus faculty and administrators is nurturing spirit of philanthropy on ASU campus. Read Ted's story.

Meghan Cox

Young alum steps up to help Barrett Honors College

Generosity doesn’t have an age requirement. Nor does a gift have to be a certain size, as long as it’s given in the right spirit, Meghan Cox believes. Read Meghan's story.

Jim and Jo-Ann Armstrong

Investing in scholarships, reaping personal rewards

Jim and Jo-Ann Armstrong have been touching students’ lives since 1999, when they created the Armstrong Family Foundation Scholarship program. Read the Armstrongs' story.

ready to make your mark on ASU?

Whether it's the school of journalism, Sun Devil Athletics, or the Global Institute of Sustainability or any of the other colleges, programs, or units at ASU, you can make your mark on ASU. Learn more about how you can help support Arizona State University.

You can also get involved with one of our community engagement programs, such as President's Club, Women & Philanthropy or Presidential Engagement Programs.

Whatever your passion is at ASU, you can make a difference.